Let's regenerate the planet
one field at a time

We develop, manufacture, and market specialty fertilizers, adjuvants, and plant protection products worldwide

we take care of the land because we believe in agricultural productivity

Product quality, proper distribution of formulations, consumer protection and, protection of the agricultural ecosystem, are the guiding values that have enabled EURO TSA to lay its foundation for the development of innovative formulations
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Guaranteed production

We produce biostimulants, fertilizers and adjuvants in our own plants.
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Ongoing, long-lasting and sustainable support

We support farmers and distributors in choosing the best agronomic practice.
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Social responsibility

The guaranteed quality of our products safeguards consumers
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Research and development

We invest in research and development with certified Assay Centers and Research Centers.
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Certified Quality

We adopt official and certified analysis protocols and state-of-the-art instrumentation.
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Environmental Sustainability

Our products are highly environmentally sustainable because they are the result of years of research.

For more than 20 years we have been taking to the field alongside farmers

we put ourselves at the service of our customers

Our strength is to ensure the highest quality and customer care in sales and after sales

Technical Consulting

Our team of agronomists and specialists is available for all inquiries about our products and their applicability in the specific cases each farmer faces.


Our production capacity allows us to create specific products for our customers according to their requirements, always maintaining the quality of EUROTSA's raw materials.

Private Label

If you are interested in marketing one of our products in your country, we can offer whitelabeling with a license agreement.

our product portfolio


For high-level nutrition of your crops


To increase the effectiveness of your products


For better protection of your crops

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